All of the bookmarks you will find here on this page feature different pieces of my art. My wife and I make the entire bookmark from the printing to the laminating, to the gromet and putting the tassle on. We hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoyed making it.

Each bookmark starts out on my gicleť printer as a sheet that I print several images on at one time. From there, we cut the individual bookmarks out of each sheet, to get it ready for being laminated. The laminating covers both sides of my bookmarks, because I really hate those little flimsy ones that are only laminated on one side. After we laminate them, two at a time, we trim the lamination, then we punch the hole for the tassle. We put a gromet in the hole before we put the tassle through for strength. We feel that our bookmarks are the top of the line in quality, and take great pride in making each bookmark one at a time.

All bookmarks are just $3.00 each, and postage is included!! They are also available in wholesale amounts as well.(email me for more details.) To order a bookmark, and use paypal, just click on the button below each one that you want. That will add it to your cart, and you can continue shopping for as many as you would like.





Blue Doberman


Sheep Dog

Red Doberman

Border Collie

Red Border Collie


Flamingo with Martini

Flamingo with Shades

Flamingos in a Waterfall

Multi-color Flamingos

Elvis Flamingo

Natural progression

Airstream & Flamingo

Flamingo Santa

Flamingo in Hawian Shirt

Airstream Flamingo & motorcycle

Flock of Flamingos


frogs with dragonfly

2 frogs

3 frogs


Black Rhino

Mountain Lion


Wolf Eyes

Gray Wolf

Adra Gazelle

King Vulture



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