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Blake Ovard

"One of America's premier Pen & Ink artists"


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Strictly bookmarks. If you want a really cool bookmark for the book you're reading, take a look at each of these bookmarks I make one at a time.

Original Art Sketch Cards

Strictly all original art sketch cards. If you want a really cool small format piece of art, take a look at each of these tiny wonders.

Original Art Sketch Covers

Original Art Sketch Covers. Sketch covers are original art drawn on blank variant covers of real comic books.

Other Images

I do art in two distinctly different styles. One is a traditional stippling technique (all dots), and the other a more whimsical "Pop-art" style. See examples of both in this gallery.

What is Stippling?

A little bit about dots and this time consuming, intricate art form...

Other Artists & Links

Some other artists that are friends of mine, and who I think you might enjoy their work. Also links to various places on the web.
State Reporter and columnist at large
Missouri Wildlife Artists Society
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Togaidh an obair fianais

"The work will bear witness"

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